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  S P A C E,  U N F O L D I N G: a mix for studying in the library of heaven

you wake, and find that heaven is built of words. the vault rises above you, tier upon tier. there are windows, but you do not look out; you know you will see nothing but a howling dark. the shadows are deep and alive with movement, but you feel only curiosity. you do not think that fear could live here, in this coolness, in this quiet, in this ordered stillness - and there is order here, of the simplest and loveliest kind. in your hands you hold a book, which is a star, which is truth written in light. you begin to read.

the book of kells bruno coulais | rituals james newton howard | a book of blood javier navarrete | the fairy and the labyrinth javier navarrete | the dragon book john powell | look to the stars hans zimmer | the greatest story never told murray gold | a star shall come forth mychael dyanna | the star shines ilan eshkeri | the chi rho page bruno coulais | which story do you prefer? mychael dyanna | sanctuary james newton howard

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michael pitt for rag & bone, FW14

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Carissa Gallo

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[MAGAZINE] WINNER Mino – IZE Korea Magazine Vol.06 1214x1600

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Push the pieces in place.
Make your smile sweet to see.
Don’t you take this away.
I’m still wanting my face on your cheek.
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Harper’s Bazaar Magazine 2014 October
슬기. Seul Gi / 아이린. Irene

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Edward Streichen, Moonlight Landscape, 1903

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TOP for Cine21
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The Antlers - Wake

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Chungking Express (1994) dir. Wong Kar Wai

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